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They say” you should wear sunscreen daily. I have tried to follow this advice, particular in recent years. I am 43, very fair, and just recently had to have a basal cell carcinoma removed from my forehead. It was definitely a wake up call and I set out to finally find a sunscreen I would apply each day.

Other sunscreens I’d tried invariably made my skin break out. They also tended to leave a whitish film on my face. A friend of mine suggested Obagi Medical after his own experience with basal cell carcinoma. I hesitated a little at the price, but it takes such a small amount to cover my face that this tube will last a very long time.

This sunscreen absorbs easily, isn’t greasy, doesn’t leave a white film, and doesn’t make my skin break out. Any makeup I want to apply goes on without any effort. I like the peace of mind that comes from using a sunscreen and the fantastic performance of this product. I absolutely plan on continuing to use this.